Mark Abolition Day (Feb. 11th, 2020) On Your Calendar

Mark February 11th, 2020 at 10 a.m. on your calendar and be spreading the word about the upcoming Abolition Day rally at the Oklahoma State capitol. Last session, we had roughly 1,000 people. This upcoming session, we’re aiming for 5,000! Contact us if you would like fliers to pass out to your family, friends, and churches.

Donate to the 5X Campaign

Similar to our objective to have five times as many people at the rally, we want to have five times as much money spent directly in support of the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act. That money will be spent on pamphlets, flyers, drop cards, signs, billboards, newspaper ads, Facebook ads, and other direct promotions of the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act. Click here to donate to the 5X campaign. You can also join as a member to help with monthly costs here.

Sign up for the Abolition Now! Conference

The conference is around the Abolition Day Rally. It’s from Friday February 7th through Wednesday February 12th. The Abolition Now! Conference is six days of abolitionist seminars, activism, and lobbying. Presenting at educational seminars will be leading abolitionists like Free the States’ T. Russell Hunter, Bradley Pierce of Abolish Abortion Texas, Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church and Apologia Studios, Rusty Thomas of Operation Save America, author and pastor Matt Trewhella, and many others.
Registration comes with three abolitionist t-shirts and various abolitionist materials including drop cards and quad folds. If you come with at least ten members of your church, you’re eligible for the group rate, so be recruiting in your congregation. Register for the Abolition Now! Conference here.

Share Abolitionist Resources

The biggest thing that needs to happen for abortion to be abolished is for Christians to share the ideology of abolitionism with other Christians. Have your friends, family, and church members read through the “What We Believe” section of our website. Pastor C.R. Cali’s recently published book The Doctrine of Balaam is a fantastic 170-page synopsis of the abolitionist position and the problems with the pro-life establishment. Our own James Silberman wrote an article entitled Immediate, Not Gradual Abolition of Abortion that encapsulates various aspects of immediatism. These are all great educational resources to share with those in your sphere.

Be A Citizen Lobbyist

Make a habit of emailing and/or calling your Governor as well as your state rep(s) and senator(s) to demand that they immediately establish justice for preborn human beings by abolishing abortion. Make clear that you aren’t asking for more pro-life bills which submit to the supreme court, but that you’re telling them to totally and immediately abolish abortion in defiance of the supreme court.

Read our website to learn more about the power that all State Governors currently possess to set their states free from participating in the American Abortion Holocaust.

Invite us for a talk at your church, school, or other gathering

The churches and Christian ministries in Oklahoma are waking up and getting off the sidelines of the battle to abolish abortion and push back the culture of death. Make sure yours doesn’t get left behind! Invite us to present on abolitionism.

Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper

This can be a great way to both raise awareness of legislative or executive efforts to abolish abortion, educate people in the ideas of abolitionism, and bring people into the movement. Just Google “[newspaper name] letter to the editor” to find the email to submit letters to and carefully follow any instructions for the letter given by the newspaper. As an example, the details for submitting a letter to The Oklahoman can be found here.

Follow us on Social Media

Stay in the loop on abolitionist events and happenings in Oklahoma and around the country by following us on Facebook and YouTube. Mainstream pro-lifers have the funding, political connections, and major publications to spread their message. Abolitionism has historically spread most effectively through social media. We have to out-hustle the incrementalists. One of the easiest ways we can do that is by sharing abolitionist articles, memes, videos, and other posts on social media.

Become a Member

Free the States operates with the aid of members. The projects described in the “What We Do” page don’t happen unless our organization is funded. Be a part of what we’re doing by donating here.