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Register for the Abolition Now! Conference

Mark March 1-4, 2023 on your calendar and register today! The theme of the conference is Abolitionists Rising, and the conference coincides with the launch of our Abolitionists Rising project to cast a vision for a strong, unified Abolitionist Movement in the post-Dobbs era. Teaching will be focused on how the movement should respond to Dobbs, both politically and culturally; and activism will be the most engaing of any abolitionist conference activism so far! Join us.

Share Abolitionist Resources

The principles of abolitionism are better than those of the Pro-Life Movement. But well-meaning pro-life people need to be aware of abolitionism if they are to join us. The below content is great for reading/listening to and sharing with your friends.

Be A Street Activist

Pick up activism signs and Abortion Is Murder quadfolds, and head to your local street corner to expose the truth about abortion in your community.

Be A Citizen Lobbyist

Make a habit of emailing and/or calling your State Rep(s), State Senator(s), and Governor to demand that they immediately establish justice for preborn human beings by abolishing abortion. Make clear that you aren’t asking for more pro-life bills which submit to the supreme court, but that you’re telling them to totally and immediately abolish abortion in defiance of the supreme court.

Donate to the Cause

For us to be as effective as we can and to create even more abolitionist materials and put on even more abolitionist events, we need to add staff members. We want to promote The Liberator Podcast so that it can reach more people. We want to promote Abolition Day and the Abolition Now Conference so that more people attend. But we can’t do that without your help! Become a monthly supporter of Free the States here!

Invite us for a talk at your church, school, or other gathering

The churches and Christian ministries in Oklahoma are waking up and getting off the sidelines of the battle to abolish abortion and push back the culture of death. Make sure yours doesn’t get left behind! Invite us to present on abolitionism.

Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper

This can be a great way to both raise awareness of legislative or executive efforts to abolish abortion, educate people in the ideas of abolitionism, and bring people into the movement. Just Google “[newspaper name] letter to the editor” to find the email to submit letters to and carefully follow any instructions for the letter given by the newspaper. As an example, the details for submitting a letter to The Oklahoman can be found here.

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