1) Abolition bills Outlaw Abortion from Conception

First and foremost, an abolition bill establishes that there is no right to murder a preborn human being at any point. An abolition bill does not regulate which preborn human beings are old enough to be protected by law – it outlaws abortion itself. Any law regarding the legality of abortion which fails to outlaw the murder of preborn human beings from conception legitimizes the murder of some children and is therefore iniquitous and entirely unacceptable.

2) Abolition Bills do not include any Exceptions for Abortion

An abolition bill does not leave any preborn humans unprotected by law, unlike many pro-life bills which include exceptions allowing for abortion; for instance, in the case of rape. Isaiah 10 says “Woe to those who make iniquitous decrees” which “make the fatherless prey.” There’s no one more fatherless than the child conceived in rape. It’s unacceptable to allow for the murder of a baby because of the crime of the father. On top of being iniquitous, allowances for abortion in certain scenarios undermines the whole case against abortion. If abortion is murder, it doesn’t stop being murder because of the circumstances of the baby’s conception. More info about the importance of allowing for no exceptions can be found here.

3) Abolition bills Criminalize Abortion Itself and Establish Equal Justice for the Preborn

An abolition bill makes preborn human beings completely equal under the law. That means murdering or being an accomplice to the murder of a preborn human being comes with the same legal penalty as murdering or being an accomplice to the murder of a born human being. Pro-life bills which give automatic legal immunity to the mother deprive preborn human beings of equal justice and protection. This hypocrisy actually led to the decriminalization of abortion in the first place. The Texas abortion statutes in question in Roe gave automatic immunity to the mother in all cases. Justice Blackmun wrote in Roe footnote 54 that if Texas really believed preborn human beings were persons, the state would legally penalize those who murder them to the same degree as those who murder born persons. More info about the importance of fully criminalizing abortion can be found here.

4) Abolition Bills Do Not Submit to the Unconstitutional Ruling in Roe

Roe is an evil, unconstitutional Supreme Court opinion ordering the states to allow mass murder within their jurisdictions. An abolition bill recognizes that the courts have no rightful authority to legalize murder. Court opinions legalizing murder are null and void by their nature and will be treated as such upon the passage of an abolition bill. In addition to a magistrate’s duty to uphold the Constitution in the face of judicial tyranny, all men have a transcendent, immutable moral obligation to disregard an order from a superior to allow mass murder, and that’s exactly what Roe is. Lower magistrates must interpose themselves between the victims of abortion and any higher magistrate who would deprive preborn human beings of the right to life. Specific to this case, state executives, legislators, and judges are the lower magistrates who must defy the tyrannical federal judiciary. An abolition bill includes language specifying that it will be enforced regardless of any contrary federal law, executive order, or court opinion. Submitting to the Supreme Court’s order to allow mass murder is cowardly and iniquitous and absent language nullifying Roe, a bill outlawing abortion will not be enforced. More info about ignoring Roe can be found here.

5) Abolition Bills Repeal or Supersede all Statutes Which Allow for Abortion

Many laws have been passed by pro-life politicians regulating the murder of preborn human beings — Where they can be murdered, how they can be murdered, by whom they can be murdered, the licensing needed to murder them, etc. An abolition bill repeals these regulations because they codify into law the acceptability of murder in certain circumstances, and therefore must be repealed for abortion to be abolished. For instance, the dismemberment ban must be repealed because it codifies into law the legality of murdering a baby as long as a certain dismemberment technique isn’t used. The parental notification law must be repealed because it specifically codifies into law the practice of murdering a preborn child so long as the grandparents are notified. The partial-birth abortion ban specifically codifies into law the acceptability of murdering a preborn human being as long as the child is not partially delivered before being murdered. All of these laws passed by pro-life politicians and lobbyists regulate where babies can be murdered, how they can be murdered, by whom they can be murdered, and the licensing needed  to murder them. Such laws explicitly contradict an abolition bill which abolishes abortion as murder. Abortion cannot be abolished while there are still laws on the books saying abortion is legal as long as you jump through pro-life hoops. They have to be repealed. An abolition bill repeals them.