The Three Categories of Pro-Lifers

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Do you call yourself “Pro-life?” Understand, there is a significant and growing internal conflict among the self-described Pro-life. It is not going away. Some know this and have begun to try to confront it. There are at least three groups within the current Pro-Life Movement.

Let’s briefly consider each Pro-life group. This is so important because this modern holocaust ten times that of Hitler’s is ours to steward and legally abolish. Where do you stand? 

  1. Establishment or Big Pro-life
  2. Conflicted-consistent
  3. Blurry middle

On May 12, 2022, 70+ Pro-life organizations, self-described as “America’s leading advocates for life,” released a letter defining and defending their long-standing strategy. 

Here are four tenets of their position .

  1. “Second-victim.” Women seeking preborn homicide (abortion) are always victims.
  2. Deny equal protection from fertilization/conception. Never support any measure or legislation to criminalize the act of preborn homicide from fertilization for all parties to the homicide.
  3. Post-abortive trauma is evidence of victimhood.
  4. Incrementalism. Continue to pursue a pragmatic, incremental strategy that at no point criminalizes the act of preborn homicide.

The Pro-life Establishment is able to host a spectrum of folks wanting abortion exceptions and allowances: rape, incest, life of the mother, pre-heartbeat, pre-pain, pre-viability, separation of personhood and humanity, and punishment for only providers. This is why Phil Vischer’s ‘consensus’ crowd rightly can call themselves “Pro-life.”

The Pro-life Establishment is intentionally a big tent (i.e. Big Pro-life) that includes many denominations, Christians, and non-Christians.

There are at least three major consequences from the Pro-Life Establishment’s tenets: 

  1. Implicit denial of personhood from fertilization/conception AND
  2. Denial of criminalization as murder, which grants equal protection of preborn homicide from fertilization.
  3. Results in implicit Christological heresy—not affirming the true personhood of Christ or granting Him equal protection from fertilization/conception.

The Pro-Life Establishment is the 1,000-pound gorilla on the left side of the spectrum of the Pro-Life Movement. They hold to at least implicit heretical anthropology and Christology, and secular political theology and practice.

Big Pro-life wars against equal protection/criminalization bills in every state and actively slanders, misaligns, and lies about Christians holding to a consistent, biblical position.

Big Pro-life has a proven, defined, and defended track record in every state, especially those states where abolition bills have been introduced (i.e.: ID, IN, OK, TX).


These see the consistent biblical position, yet self-label as “Pro-life.” Affirming:

  1. Human life and personhood begin at fertilization/conception, are created in God’s image, and are owned by God, for His glory.
  2. Thus, all human life must be granted equal protection under the law by criminalizing preborn homicide according to Scripture.

GROUP 2 may assume that their conservative, Pro-life legislators and Christian leaders affirm life/personhood and equal protection from fertilization/conception, but assuming this is neither wise nor sufficient. GROUP 2 may assume they can reform the Pro-life establishment, but they will not.

This is not to say that individual pro-life folks will not change their position. They will. It is to say that Big Pro-life always will be biblically compromised, well-funded by those wanting abortion exceptions and allowances, and politically secular and pragmatic.

This group needs to #PLEXIT. Leave the Pro-Life Movement for the biblically consistent Abortion Abolition position.


The third Pro-life group sees the compromises of Big Pro-life and is tugged toward a more biblically consistent position, but a pint of pragmatism, a teaspoon of tradition, and an ounce of Big Pro-life pride is a sure recipe for a bland, lukewarm loaf of midwayism.

Big Pro-life has disciplined the BLURRY MIDDLE by demonizing and keeping attention away from the biblically consistent position of equal protection for all preborn from fertilization, namely the criminalization of preborn homicide.

The BLURRY MIDDLE sadly has an underdeveloped understanding of Big Pro-life’s existing homicide exception bills, their malicious undermining of biblically consistent proposed equal protection bills, and is under the malaise of Big Pro-life pride and propaganda.

The consequence is the perpetuation of Big Pro-life in the face of the glory of God and the delay of the abolition of abortion.


The Abolitionist Movement — the Biblical alternative to the ideology and strategy held by Big Pro-life — is committed to the outlawing, or criminalization of preborn homicide (abortion) thereby establishing justice as equal protection from fertilization.

Abolitionism is committed to the five biblical tenets as outlined in the acrostic GATES:

G – Gospel-centered
A – Aligned Providentially
T – Through the Church
E – Engaged Biblically
S – Sought Immediately without Compromise

Why would Christians advance any other agenda?

Only abolition bills:

  1. Outlaw abortion from fertilization/conception.
  2. Do not include exceptions for preborn homicide (ectopics and emergencies are *not* preborn homicide).
  3. Criminalize preborn homicide and establish justice as equal protection for the preborn.
  4. Do not submit to unconstitutional rulings (like Roe).
  5. Repeal or supersede all statutes which allow for preborn homicide.

Why would Christians support any other bill?

Abortion is murder and everyone knows it. It is past time for Christians to act like abortion is murder. It’s past time for a mass exodus of Christians from the Pro-life Movement. It’s past time for a Christian Pro-life exit in favor of abolitionism. It’s time to #PLEXIT.

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