Here’s What We’re Asking Oklahoma Candidates

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Last week, we delivered questionnaires to the candidates running for Oklahoma State House and Senate. 227 of the 261 have been sent the questionnaire with 34 candidates not having a campaign website or Facebook page as of last Saturday. We will attempt to find contact info again for these 34 remaining candidates next week. Endorsements will be made sometime after that.

Our questionnaire is made up of eight statements. After each statement, the candidate can check either ‘Yes’ or “No’ to indicate their agreement or disagreement with the statement. There is also an optional text box under each statement for the candidate to explain their answer further if they so desire. Here are the statements.

1) I will author or coauthor the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act – or an equivalent act by a different name – and will vote in favor of it. (You can read the most recent version of the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act here if you haven’t already.)

2) I will boldly and publicly support the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act and the cause of abolition.

3) I will do these things in support of abolishing abortion even if it means standing up to the Republican and pro-life establishments.

4) I agree with all of the five components of an abolition bill. (You can read the five components here if you haven’t already.)

5) I agree that incremental pro-life bills delay the abolition of abortion by serving as a substitute for abolition that allows legislators to prevent abortion’s abolition but salvage their pro-life credibility.

6) I agree that incremental pro-life bills, by regulating and therefore allowing the murder of human beings, are both unBiblical and unconstitutional.

7) I agree that incremental pro-life bills dehumanize preborn children. (If unsure, see point three of this article for an explanation).

8) Because incremental pro-life bills are unBiblical and unconstitutional, because they delay the abolition of abortion by serving as a substitute for abolition, and because they dehumanize preborn children, I will not coauthor any incremental pro-life bills and I will vote against them.

Our questionnaire was designed to discover whether the candidate intends to do everything in his or her power to support abortion’s total and immediate abolition, whether the candidate is prepared to stand up to the establishment, and whether the candidate will oppose compromise. Senator Joseph Silk has done all of this admirably over the past four years. As Silk exits the State Senate in hopes of joining Congress, we’re looking for bold abolitionist statesmen to replace him.

We have already received a number of filled out questionnaires. Most of the candidates we expected to agree with all eight statements have done so. Even more good news: A few candidates who weren’t even on our radar a few weeks ago sent us perfect questionnaires!

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