Nation’s Largest Pro-Life Group Bringing More Abortion to Oklahoma

James SilbermanNews

On Wednesday afternoon, an affable, elderly gentleman visited office-after-office of Oklahoma Senate Health and Human Services Committee members, delivering memos to Senators and their aides and requesting “yes” votes on Senate Bill 834, which was scheduled to be heard Thursday morning.

SB834 is a pro-abortion bill that would promote child sacrifice in Oklahoma in four ways:

1) Murdering Fatherless Children

SB834 would legalize surgical abortion in the cases of rape and incest by adding the following language:

No person may “administer,” “prescribe,” “procure,” or “advise” an abortion for a woman “unless…the pregnancy is the result of: a. rape or sexual assault that has been reported to law enforcement, or b. incest of a minor that has been reported to law enforcement.”

Presently, surgical abortion is illegal and all abortion companies such as Planned Parenthood have been forced to stop providing surgical abortions, though many of these abortion companies have remained open by selling birth control, gender transition drugs, and other “health care” services. These companies would be allowed to restart their murderous surgical abortion services upon the passage of SB834 into law.

2) Legalize Self-Managed Abortion

SB834 would repeal Oklahoma Statute §63-1-733 which prohibits self-managed abortion in Oklahoma. Currently, the statute reads:

“No woman shall perform or induce an abortion upon herself, except under the supervision of a duly licensed physician. Any physician who supervises a woman in performing or inducing an abortion upon herself shall fulfill all the requirements of this article which apply to a physician performing or inducing an abortion.”

It’s important to note that Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond appears to have no interest in enforcing §63-1-733 even though self-managed abortions have more than tripled in Oklahoma following the overturn of Roe v. Wade, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study also found that Oklahoma is one of five states with the fastest growing self-managed abortion numbers in the United States. But Drummond has not given any indication of a desire to enforce this law to prevent this exponentially growing practice.

Senator Warren Hamilton, an abolitionist and the champion of preborn children at the Oklahoma State capitol, submitted a request for legal opinion to the attorney general’s office in November when former AG John O’Connor was still in office. Neither O’Connor or Drummond ever responded to Hamilton.

Nonetheless, §63-1-733 is currently in place and SB834 would repeal it, completely legalizing murder by self-managed abortion in Oklahoma.

3) Protects Abortifacient Drugs

SB834 provides explicit protection for abortifacient forms of “contraception,” provided the “contraception” is “administered before the time when a pregnancy could be determined through conventional medical testing.” The problem with this is that most forms of “contraception” which are administered prior to pregnancy can cause abortions.

Hormonal contraceptions have three operating mechanisms, two of which are truly contraceptive (that is, they prevent conception), and a third mechanism that is abortifacient. Hormonal birth controls:

  1. attempt to inhibit ovulation,
  2. attempt to thicken cervical mucus which inhibits sperm from passing, and,
  3. attempts to thin the endometrium so that a newly formed embryo cannot implant in the uterus. The embryo is then flushed out in the next menstrual cycle.

As most people know, none of these three mechanisms are 100 percent effective. Many mothers become pregnant despite being on “contraceptives.” It is impossible to estimate how often the first two mechanisms fail while the third mechanism succeeds and causes an abortion, but it is certainly happening.

In Randy Alcorn’s groundbreaking pamphlet, Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?, Dr. Bogomir M. Kuhar estimates that between 834,000 and 4,174,000 embryos are killed in the United States each year by the third mechanism present in the birth control pill. Dr. Kuhar also attributes 3,825,000 annual abortions to intrauterine devices, 1,200,000 to Depo-Provera, and 2,925,000 to Norplant.

Barrier methods are the only legitimate contraceptive device which does not contain any risk of abortion. But SB834 protects all birth control drugs, including those which are proven to cause the death of newly conceived human beings.

4) Protects Murder By In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Clinics

SB834 also protects:

“An act related to in vitro fertilization or otherwise related to the diagnosis or treatment of infertility or the preservation of fertility by a licensed healthcare provider acting lawfully and within the scope of his or her practice shall not be a violation of subsection A of this section.”

IVF is perhaps the more egregious example of a field where scientific advancement is far outpacing the ethical discussions about the scientific advancement. There are no reporting requirements on IVF in most jurisdictions, so there is no way to know exact numbers, but we are talking about a death toll that likely rivals that of the abortion industry. Embryos in the hands of the IVF industry might die after being purposefully discarded because they are “low-grade embryos.” They might die because of a freezer malfunction. They might die because they are donated for research.

Reporting from the British Department of Health between 1991 and 2011 showed 94,090 live births from IVF out more than 3.1 million embryos created; nearly 33 embryos created for every 1 live birth. Of the embryos that didn’t make it, 1,455,832 embryos were killed by being simply discarded, 101,605 were destroyed through research, and 764,311 were frozen indefinitely for possible later use. All of these causes of death are fairly standard practices, and there is virtually zero regulation of the IVF industry in Oklahoma law.

The IVF industry is unquestionably as depraved as the abortion industry. The only difference is that there is a way for the IVF industry to survive while in compliance with a bill abolishing abortion: if they only ever created one embryo at a time with the intention of speedily transferring every embryo created into the uterus of his or her mother. There are still moral/theological concerns involved in this form of “ethical IVF,” but it would, at least, not constitute murder as most forms of IVF do.

SB834 protects IVF wholesale. “An act related to in vitro fertilization” includes discarding low-grade embryos, freezer malfunctions, and other forms of murder perpetrated by the IVF industry.

Back to the Old Man

Let’s go back to our pleasant, white-haired, old man. His name: Tony Lauinger.

Based on the content of the bill he was lobbying for, you probably assume Tony works for NARAL or Planned Parenthood. You would be wrong. Tony is the Vice President of National Right to Life and the President of Oklahomans for Life.

National Right to Life is the largest pro-life organization. They have affiliates in every state in the union, which are often the most influential pro-life organization in any given state, and more than 3,000 local chapters. They are the flagship pro-life organization. In Oklahoma, they are the driving force behind SB834, the bill to bring surgical abortion back into Oklahoma. In Louisiana, they were the driving force behind the open letter to state legislators telling them not to support the Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act.

I have heard from staff at other major pro-life political organizations, some who agree with National Right to Life’s actions, and some who disagree. Even those who disagree have said that they will not publicly criticize what National Right to Life is doing, and the reasons are quite obvious: you don’t pick a fight with the most influential leaders of the movement. You don’t pick a fight with the organization that is your ticket to big-time rallies and conferences.

It’s very clear to anyone who has examined what National Right to Life is doing that they are one of the biggest impediments to the rescue of preborn children. The problem is that so very few Christians are seriously examining what National Right to Life is doing. Most simply write a check to any group that calls themselves pro-life and puts a cute baby picture on a mailer. In order to abolish abortion, we have to help well-meaning pro-life Christians see that their hard-earned dollars that they give to organizations like National Right to Life are used to support wicked legislation like SB834, and oppose righteous legislation like the Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act.

Right now, we need you to help us do that. We need you to help share this article and the video embedded at the top of this article. On its own, without any marketing, it has been watched by 3,600 people on YouTube and Facebook. That’s not bad, but 3,600 views is not going to put a sizable dent in National Right to Life. We need this video to get 100,000 views! In order to help us accomplish that, please do the following:

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It’s past time for abortion to be abolished, and that means it’s past time for National Right to Life’s treachery to be exposed. Let’s get to 100,000 views.

Happy sharing!

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