BIG: Abolitionist Candidate Advances to Runoff Against GOP Chair Who Kept Abortion Legal in Texas

James SilbermanNews

Texas House District 91 abolitionist challenger David Lowe advanced to a runoff against incumbent State Rep. Stephanie Klick in Tuesday’s Republican Primary, garnering 39.06 percent of the vote. Klick received 48.96 percent, short of the 50 percent plus one vote needed to advance to the general election. She was unable to advance despite outspending Lowe by a roughly 3:1 margin.

Lowe has pledged to Free the States and Abolish Abortion Texas that he will support the immediate abolition of abortion and reject the incrementalism of the Pro-Life Establishment. Klick, as chair of the Texas House Public Health Committee, refused to even give the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Through Equal Protection Act a hearing in the 2021 session. She is the reason babies are still murdered in Texas.

After Klick and Lowe, Anthony Reed finished with 6.22 percent, David Silvey received 3.37 percent, and Benjamin Damico finished in fifth with 2.40 percent.

Though Klick finished in first, Lowe remains in great position to overtake her between now and the May 24 runoff election. Second place challengers often make up significant ground in runoffs. In 2020, abolitionist Warren Hamilton received 42.21 percent compared to incumbent Republican Larry Boggs’ 46.45. But in the primary, Warren increased his vote share to 52.30, defeating Boggs handily.

Another example is challenger Jessica Garvin’s defeat of incumbent Oklahoma State Senator Paul Scott in 2020. Though neither is an abolitionist, their numbers in the first primary vote are nearly identical to the Lowe-Klick race. Scott finished in first with 49.89 percent, just 14 votes shy of winning the race outright. Garvin finished in second place with 39.26 percent. But in the runoff, Garvin overtook Scott to win 51.56-to-48.44.

Lowe vs. Klick is the most important race in Texas, and he is going to need the support of the Abolitionist Movement if he is going to gain the ground he needs to gain over the next seven weeks! Lowe, Free the States, Abolish Abortion Texas, and Texas abolitionists will be working hard to educate District 91 voters about the difference between the pro-life incrementalism of Klick vs the abolitionism of David Lowe between now and May 24. Please join us in so doing.

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To hear him explain his views on abortion and other important issues, listen to the below episode of The Liberator Podcast we did featuring David Lowe.

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