What the Still, Small Voice Said: A Parable for Churches Who Won’t Work For Abolition

Rolley HaggardAbolitionism

It was Christmas, and the church was gathered for the candlelight service. The carols were sung, the prayers were said, the sermon was preached. But as the people bowed their heads for the benediction, there came from a dim corner the sound of one weeping, though no one could be seen.

Presently the people ventured to ask, “Who are you?”

An unborn child,” came a trembling voice from the darkness. 

Stunned but curious, the people inquired further. “Why are you weeping?”

Because my mother means to abort me.”

There was a long silence as the people conferred. At last they replied in unison: “We are very sorry.”

The child pleaded, “Then will you intervene on my behalf?”

After more whispered discussion they answered, “No, child. We can find no specific instruction in the Scripture regarding such cases.”

The child wept bitterly. “Why do you hate me? What have I done?”

The church replied, “We do not hate you, child. Why would you think such a thing?”

Because in my hour of desperate need you will not love me!”

Dear child”, they said, “it is simply that we have no clear commandment from the Lord. Nowhere are we expressly bidden to love those yet in the womb.”

The child momentarily fell silent. But then, just as the people were about to turn away, a still, small voice said through fresh tears, “then will you do this one thing for me?”

They paused. “What is it, child? What other thing would you have us do for you?”

Regard me as your enemy.”

As our enemy?” they exclaimed in wonder. “Why child, we do not hate you; why would we regard you as our enemy?”

Because then you would have clear commandment, for the Lord said, ‘love your enemies.’”

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