Jesus’ Incarnation is the Death Knell to Abortion

Rolley HaggardAbolitionism

It is important to remember that the Incarnation occurred not at Christ’s birth, but at His conception in Mary’s womb. 

Important, because it defines very clearly the point at which human beings become human beings (when they are actually made in God’s image), the point at which human life becomes sacred, and the point at which human life should be protected in law.

Important, because the incarnation of Jesus at the moment of His conception is the death knell of abortion.

For it was as a zygote that Christ entered the world, becoming a human being AT CONCEPTION. 

One moment He was at the right hand of God the Father as the Second Person of the Trinity; the next He was in the womb of the Virgin as the God-Man in embryonic form.

If He thus dignified humanity at this earliest possible stage of human development, so must every God-fearing person – BY ABOLISHING ABORTION, not by merely restricting it or regulating it.

For to merely restrict or regulate abortion is to say (by mere force of inescapable effect, regardless of intent) that SOME preborn humans may legally be put to death. It is to negate the sanctity of ALL human life by permitting the taking of SOME human life. It is to say that it would have been acceptable – lamentable, surely, but technically legal nonetheless – for Jesus to have been aborted under certain circumstances; for example, before He had a detectable heartbeat.

But that clearly is not the will of God. For by having Christ enter the world as a zygote, God signified that it is at THIS point that humanity begins and the prohibition against murder applies. It is at THIS point that the rule of Genesis 9:6 is to be obeyed.

Laws that merely restrict or regulate abortion are “iniquitous decrees” (Isa 10:1-2). For if it would have been immoral to have laws permitting the abortion of JESUS before HE had a heartbeat (or under any other circumstance), it is upon the same principle immoral for us to have laws permitting the abortion of ANYONE. Such laws should be immediately replaced with laws that totally abolish abortion FROM CONCEPTION. To fail to do this (as we have failed to do ever since Roe v Wade almost 50 years ago) is to effectively repudiate Christ’s incarnation.

Christ’s incarnation is the death knell of abortion because it is the clarion call of abolition. But unborn children will continue to be slaughtered by the multitudes if we don’t listen to the knell and heed the call to quit regulating abortion and instead immediately abolish it state by state. 

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