Depravity of the American (and Phoenix) Press: A Defense of Jeff Durbin

James SilbermanNews

The serial killers of the abortion industry make up the most depraved institution in American society, followed by a number of powerful institutions which serve their interests. This would include — among many others — Hollywood, teacher’s unions, and the American press; which is, by and large, a collection of vicious, scheming calumniators who have proven themselves willing to murder the truth in pursuance of their political objectives.

Their regular promotion of lies on all sorts of subjects from abortion to firearms to transgenderism to peaceful riots is reminiscent of, well… QAnon.

The Phoenix New Times published an article on Friday attempting to connect Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church and End Abortion Now to the conspiracy theorist movement because a QAnon administrator credits one of Durbin’s sermons as his inspiration to run for office.

Does Durbin support QAnon? Is the man a member of Apologia Church? These are the only questions that mattered, but they did not to the Phoenix New Times. Both of these questions being answered resoundingly in the negative did not discourage them from running the story. The fact that a QAnon conspiracy theorist was one of hundreds of thousands of people who listen to Durbin was all the ammunition they needed for their woeful hit piece.

The article’s author, Katya Schwenk, did not explicitly lie about anything. But the publishing of the non-story is deceptive. It should not have been written. A pastor propagating Q to hundreds of thousands of YouTube listeners is a story. A Q administrator being one of hundreds of thousands of listeners to a pastor who utterly repudiates Q is not.

Writing on a supposed connection between Durbin and QAnon when Durbin vehemently opposes the garbage, lying Q movement in the strongest possible terms is a deeply dishonest and immoral thing for Schwenk and the Phoenix New Times to do. While Schwenk did note near the end of her story that Durbin rejects Q, the article will lead to further hit pieces that do not include the buried information which invalidates the whole story. This is already taking place.

Matthew Chapman at Raw Story picked up Schwenk’s coverage and repeated much of her reporting without noting that Durbin rejects QAnon. Because of Schwenk and Chapman’s deception, there will be leftists running around believing Durbin is connected to Q. This will be a direct result of immoral, dishonest reporting published in the Phoenix New Times and Raw Story, and it — undoubtedly — was Schwenk’s purpose in publishing the article.

The reason for willful slander in this instance is obvious: the mainstream media’s political objectives include protecting child sacrifice (the real poisoning, suffocating, and tearing apart of live children limb-from-limb all across America, not the imagined child sacrifice of Q).

In his 1858 article “Depravity of the American Press,” abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison wrote:

“The American press is, to a fearful extent, in the hands of a cowardly, mercenary and unprincipled class of men, who have no regard for truth in dealing with what is unpopular; who cater to the lowest passions of the multitude, and caricature every movement aiming at the overthrow of established wrong; who are as destitute of all fairness in controversy as they are lacking in self-respect; and whose columns are closed against any reply that may be proffered to their libellous accusations. It is true, these men represent the prevailing public sentiment, either in the locality in which they reside, or in the country at large; but, fearfully demoralized as that sentiment is, in many particulars, they aim to make it still more corrupt, rather than to change it for the better. They not only publish all the lies they can pick up, in opposition to the struggling cause of humanity, but they busy themselves in coining lies, which they audaciously present to their credulous readers as reliable truths. There is no end to their deception and tergiversation. Such men are far more dangerous to society than burglars, incendiaries and highwaymen. Occupying a position of solemn trust, and almost awful responsibility,—exerting a potent influence over a large class of ignorant and unreflecting minds, who look up to them as teachers and guides, however deficient in brains or vicious in morals,—they have it alike in their power and in their disposition to deceive, mislead, circumvent, and demoralize, to a ruinous extent. Each of them is a local authority; and of their many readers, comparatively few think of questioning the authenticity of what is laid before them, from day to day, or from week to week.

“In what part of the country—in what town or village—can an anti-slavery meeting be held, of an uncompromising character, even after a struggle of twenty-five years, without being basely misrepresented by the press, or treated with silent contempt? Yes, for a quarter of a century, abolitionism—the denial of the right to make man the property of man—has been lampooned, anathematized, vilified, unceasingly and universally, by the journals of the day, both religious and secular—its advocates have been held up as crazy fanatics and wild disorganizers—and its meetings represented as unworthy of countenance by sane and decent men! Every other unpopular movement, however noble and good, has been treated in the same manner.”

Sound familiar?

Unceasingly vilifying abolitionism — the denial of the right of man to murder man (gasp!) — is among the highest priorities of the depraved American press.

Schwenk did reach out to Durbin with five questions before publishing the article, which he published publicly along with his answers.

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