C.R. Cali: How to Exhort Legislators Who Support Abolition and Pro-Life Bills

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The Abolitionist Movement is blessed with many bold legislators who work for the immediate abolition of abortion without compromise like Warren Hamilton, John Jacob, Heather Scott, and others. But there are also many who support and even file abolition bills who simultaneously support incremental bills which are immoral and delay abolition by helping the very pro-life politicians keeping abortion legal get reelected.

The question of how to relate to such politicians is a subject of debate in the Abolitionist Movement. Filing abolition bills is important to the growth of the movement and we ought to honor those who self-sacrificially do so; but at the same time, it would be disastrous if the movement softened its stance on the immorality and counter-productivity of pro-life incrementalism for the sake of not offending a bill author or supporter.

Pastor and author C.R. Cali published a video on Sunday encouraging abolitionists to reach out to Texas State Representative Bryan Slaton exhorting him to stand firm on the Word of God against pro-life compromise. Slaton fought hard to abolish abortion in Texas during his freshman session in 2021. He filed a bill to abolish abortion in normal session and in each of the special sessions called by Governor Greg Abbott. He motioned to amend House rules so that bridges and roads could not be renamed unless a vote was taken on the abolition of abortion. He made powerful enemies among the Republican establishment by fighting to abolish abortion. But he also supported every abortion regulation bill that was presented, and celebrated the heartbeat bill on Facebook.

Cali highlights the need for abolitionists to call legislators to a Biblical standard and recommends not focusing on what we appreciate or don’t appreciate about a legislator, but rather communicate to legislators that you understand the difficult position they’re in and will stand with them strongly if they do what is right. He recommends that abolitionists:

Do not

  • Thank him for things that he has done in the past such as his abolition bills or rule changes
  • Criticize him for his compromise in supporting pro-life healthcare laws
  • Criticize him for attending the Texas Right to Life gala
  • Threaten withdrawal of support if he doesn’t respond rightly to our exhortations


  • Tell him you recognize the pressure he is under to comply with the Pro-Life Establishment
  • Tell him you understand that going against these pro-life healthcare laws puts him at risk of being attacked by other pro-life politicians and lobbyists
  • Most importantly let him know that WHEN these attacks come, we will be there with him standing to support him in his righteous stance and the only consistent biblical and moral stance against abortion
  • Use the subject line in email “Encouragement to make a principled stand against unjust pro-life healthcare laws”
  • The purpose of this email to give him the courage he needs to be the lone legislator to stand firmly on God’s Word against these pro-life healthcare laws by giving him the unwavering support of the people. Stay focused on that subject matter.


Free the States endorses Cali’s position and encourages abolitionists all around the country to reach out to legislators who support both incremental and abolition bills with exhortations along these lines.

If you would like to contact Representative Bryan Slaton, his contact info is:

Email: Bryan@Bryanslaton.com

Capitol Ofiice:
Bryan Slaton
Room E2.420

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768

Phone number: (512) 463-0880

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