Letter to Oklahoma Senators From a Post-Abortive Mother

Sonya GonellaLegislation

Good Day Senators of the Health and Human Services Committee,

I am writing to you as a woman who has participated in murder by abortion.  By God’s grace, I am a repentant murderer redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ! As a woman that falls in the camp of those that you refuse to “criminalize”, as demonstrated by your 10-0 vote on SB495, this is a serious and urgent appeal to each one of you to CEASE from using women, like myself, as justification to deny equal protection to the preborn. 

Equal protection under the law does NOT single out women for criminalization. It establishes the ACT of murder, by abortion, as criminal.  I fully and ONLY support bills like SB495. I was prepared to be “criminalized as a woman” long before I knew it would not be a retroactive law. There is no ‘right’ for anyone to unjustly shed the innocent blood of our sons and daughters. Laws already exist to protect/provide equal justice for women truly coerced and victimized.  As I ponder the HHS hearing and vote, I ask you to consider that abdicating responsibility to establish justice for our preborn neighbors because of “women” is both a false chivalry and false compassion:

CHIVALRY includes the combination of qualities…especially courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak – – – Sadly, the committee is holding up women as the weak in need of “protection” from “criminalization” versus a readiness to help the truly weak — the preborn who cannot speak and are being taken to slaughter.  This is not praiseworthy.

I pray for courage in demonstrating a readiness to help the truly weak in establishing justice for the preborn and thereby honoring both the mother and her child!

COMPASSION is to recognize the suffering of others and then take action to help – – – By refusing a bill like SB 495, the committee is not taking appropriate action in recognizing the suffering of the innocent preborn but rather it is practicing the sin of partiality towards those who murder them.

In showing preference to those involved in their murder, we are hating our preborn neighbors to death. It actually promotes the “suffering” of women, men, children, extended family and our entire culture by encouraging sin and letting us live with the painful consequences of rebellion before a Holy God. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I know because so once was I until someone took me, as a sinner, to the cross of Christ and the sufficiency of His shed blood to forgive my sins. I renounced them-turned away from them, and was brought nigh to God by that blood to walk in newness of LIFE!

Ultimately your 10-0 vote is kicking against the goads of Almighty God to Whom we all must give an account.  We have a space of grace to change our ways…let’s not take that grace of God in vain! You are God’s servant, an agent of retribution to the wrongdoer…sent by Him to punish those who do wrong and to praise those who do right. He determines the standard for good and evildoing — not us.

I am praying for you to be granted Godly repentance to see though you may justify yourselves before men… God knows your hearts. For that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination (detestable) in the sight of God. May He grant you wisdom to fear Him, not man (which includes women), and turn from evil!

NOW is always the right time to do the right thing! Please, don’t harden your heart…May you bear fruit in keeping with repentance! Amen.

Until Abortion is Abolished to the Glory of God,


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