James Lankford Should Revoke His Endorsement of Larry Boggs

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On May 24th, a video featuring U.S. Senator James Lankford endorsing Oklahoma State Senator Larry Boggs was posted to Boggs’ campaign Facebook page. In the video, Lankford praises Boggs with claims including:

  • “Senator Boggs is a man known for his integrity and wisdom at our State Capitol. He’s an old-school freedom-fighter who fought for you with bullets in his youth and with principle at the State Capitol.”
  • “He’s a consummate warrior who fought his whole life to defend the Constitution and Biblical principles.”
  • “This is the moment to preserve liberty, protect our gun rights, and protect the dignity and fullness of life from preborn to natural death.”

The reality of Larry Boggs’ tenure in the Senate, tragically, bears no semblance to the picture painted by Lankford. If Boggs wanted to “defend the Constitution and Biblical principles” and “protect the dignity and fullness of life from preborn to natural death,” he could have done so. The bill to abolish abortion by standing on God’s word and upholding the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the 10th and 14th amendments of the the U.S. Constitution was in the State Senate once again this year.

Boggs chose not to support that bill, abstaining from the vote to place the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act on General Order on March 11. Boggs has rejected the many abolitionists in his district who have long pleaded with him to support the abolition of abortion. His campaign is now putting on events for the sole purpose of criticizing the Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act. He has called abolitionist organizations “wolves in sheep’s clothing” on Facebook. Boggs is an anti-abolitionist.

For Boggs and those like him, we can only stand for Biblical principles and the Constitution if the supreme court allows us to. If the supreme court tells the State of Oklahoma that we have to sin by allowing the mass murder of preborn children, then sin we must, according to Boggs and many other pro-life politicians. God’s word and the Constitution become null and void in their minds if the supreme court declares it so. This is the opposite of standing on Biblical principles. This is the opposite of being a conservative warrior. This is the opposite of being principled.

Further, Boggs is facing a challenge from Warren Hamilton, an abolitionist who has pledged to support the immediate abolition of abortion. In Boggs, we know we’re getting someone who supports submission to Roe v. Wade and the regulation of abortion. In Hamilton, we’re getting someone who will treat the issue of abortion with the urgency and gravity that it rightly demands; someone who supports rejecting Roe v. Wade as the evil, unconstitutional opinion that it is and the abolition of abortion.

People make mistakes. It is uncertain whether James Lankford’s endorsement of Larry Boggs is an honest oversight or a calculated rejection of abortion’s immediate abolition. What is certain is that Lankford has made a terrible mistake.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, for Senator Lankford to endorse Boggs is to endorse indefinite submission to the bloody tyranny of Roe v. Wade. It should be self-evident to anyone who rightly views abortion as murder that Senator Lankford has a moral obligation to revoke his endorsement of Larry Boggs. If he does not do so, Lankford will be a delayer of the abolition of abortion and deserves to lose the support of the people of Oklahoma. More importantly, if he does not change course, he will have to answer to the Supreme Judge for this endorsement.

U.S. Senator James Lankford’s contact info:

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