Catechism for Anti-Abolitionists (Pro-Choice and Pro-Life)

James SilbermanAbolitionism

1) Why is abortion not sinful?
Because the victims are preborn.

2) Why do those who most fancy themselves the champions of equality and justice support abortion?
Because their victims are preborn.

3) Why is it wrong and judgemental to call abortion “murder?”
Because the victims are preborn.

4) Why is it unconstitutional to abolish abortion immediately?
Because those who have been denied all constitutional rights are preborn.

5) Why must poverty, mental illness, and every social malady be cured before the subject of abolition be raised?
Because the victims of abortion are preborn.

6) Why must we pursue gradual strategies to abolish abortion?
Because those children in need of saving are preborn.

7) Why is immediate abolition wrong, imprudent, and impracticable?
Because the victims of abortion are preborn.

8) Why is dictating when, where, and how someone can be murdered a just and pragmatic strategy?
Because the victims of abortion are preborn.

9) Why must we bow to the supreme court’s obviously false, obviously evil opinion that abortion is legal?
Because those the court has marked for slaughter are preborn.

10) Why is it cruel to criminalize abortion?
Because the victims are preborn.

11) Why are abolitionists extremists, cultists, and monomaniacs?
Because those for whom they plead are preborn.

12) Why are the pulpits right to be silent on abolition?
Because those whom preachers would have to speak up for are preborn.

13) Why is nullification often employed by the same pro-life politicians who call nullification a “debunked legal theory” when it comes to abortion?
Because those who would be interposed for are preborn.

14) Why is it sufficient to call for the defunding of abortion rather than the abolition of abortion?
Because the victims of abortion are preborn.

15) Why is “empowering women to choose life” more important than the abolition of abortion?
Because the victims of abortion are preborn.

16) Why are abolitionists wrong in their principles and measures?
Because the victims of abortion are preborn.

17) Why ought not the priests and levites of our society passing by on the other side be sternly rebuked?
Because those being led to slaughter are preborn.

The above catechism is adapted from William Lloyd Garrison’s A Short Catechism.

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