Why Abolitionists Are Going to Win

James SilbermanAbolitionism

Russell Hunter is an activist, artist, and historian. A decade ago, he reanimated the Garrisonian principles of immediatism, applied them to the fight against abortion, and reignited the Abolitionist Movement. He is tremendously skilled at what he does.

Sam Riley is an activist and media creator. He is one of the most learned lay theologians I know and can go toe-to-toe in debate with anybody.

I consider myself a decent, and certainly prolific, writer.

Pastors like Dusty Deevers, Thomas Lowery, Tim Gillespie, Brett Baggett, Sam Ketcher, Bill Ascol, Kelly Greene, and Chris Gore are stellar expositors and practicers of God’s word. Our friends at The Ekklesia of Oklahoma are talented networkers. John Michener at Oklahomans United for Life is a skilled communicator. The guys at Abolish Abortion Texas are excellent legal minds. Apologia Studios has excellent Bible teachers and idea marketers. The folks at Operation Save America and Missionaries to the Preborn are some of the most passionate and battle-tested defenders of preborn children anywhere. The abolitionist societies in the various states are salt of the earth and the conscience of the nation.

These many and diverse gifts and functions serve the cause. Without them, the movement would not have grown as it has over the past decade. But ultimately, these skills are not why abolitionism is going to win out and abortion is going to be abolished. After all, lots of groups of talented people have failed to achieve their objectives. Abolition is going to be achieved because of the weightiness of the truth abolitionists proclaim. This movement will succeed because of the veracity of our declarations and the justice of our demands.

The pro-abortion claim that the murder of preborn children should be allowed on the basis of “choice” is unashamedly depraved. Nations can and do succumb to this level of depravity, but a relentless and “faithful delineation of the horrors” of abortion by the Church of the living God will bring its practice to an end.

The establishment pro-life claim that though 63+ million human beings and counting have been murdered by abortion, we must submit unconditionally to the supreme court’s bloody tyranny, is unashamedly absurd. Eight Republican-appointed supreme court justices and a pro-life Democrat upheld Roe in 1992. Especially in light of the court’s recent June Medical Services v. Russo decision, it’s hard to imagine that good of an opportunity presenting itself any time in the coming decades. There is no overturn of Roe in sight. Christians can and have been deceived by this cowardly faux-opposition to evil for a time, but a faithful delineation of the error of the pro-life political establishment is quickly spreading among God’s people.

The pronouncements of the abolitionists – ┬áthat abortion is murder and that it is a sin for any office holder at any level to submit to the evil of Roe and thereby submit the children to the abortionists’ knife – cannot be seriously denied in perpetuity. It can, however, be denied for a time. That is the period we are in right now.

For now, incumbent pro-life politicians with seven times as much money as their abolitionist challengers and wealthy PACs spending tens of thousands more on their behalf can survive reelection. For now, they can spread all sorts of malicious slander about us being “cultists” or “violent thugs” to their political allies and party subdivisions to impede the ascension of abolitionists in the political sphere.

But truth is weighty. The veracity of our declarations and justice of our demands cannot be denied in perpetuity. If our message is able to get out en masse, and it is, it becomes only a matter of time before the ideas win out. If abolitionists keep their hands to the plow, it is only a matter of time before equal protection for preborn human beings is established.