Free the States Memo to OK Senators Regarding SB1728

Russell HunterPro-Life Failures

Requesting Your Opposition to Senate Bill 1728

Dear Senator,

Senate Bill 1728 is a woefully inadequate response to the mass murder that is taking place every day under the covering of Oklahoma State law. Your duty as a legislator is to write just laws. SB1728 is unjust.

Allowing for a civil suit by the post-abortive parents or by the grandparents of the murdered victim if the abortionist fails to adhere to or fails to document his or her adherence to various abortion regulations does nothing to establish justice for preborn human beings.

It fails on all of the 5 Components of an abolition bill. (See for a full explanation of the 5 Components).

  1. SB1728 does not outlaw abortion from conception.
  2. SB1728 allows every exception and reason for abortion.
  3. SB1728 does not criminalize abortion itself in any way.
  4. SB1728 does not stand up to the tyrannical courts.
  5. SB1728 does not repeal or supersede abortion regulations. Further, it is another abortion regulation that would need to be repealed for abortion to be abolished.

Further, SB1728 should be opposed because it, along with HB1182 and SB1859, are being used as substitutes for doing your duty as a legislator to write and support just laws. Senate Bill 13 is the bill which would establish justice, and these compromise bills are substitutes to try to save face with Christian voters as this Senate kills the only bill that would establish justice. The people are not going to be fooled. They know which bills abolish abortion and which don’t. The Oklahoma Baptists, Oklahoma Free Will Baptists, and Oklahoma Republican Party are all looking for the bill that would abolish abortion and they know which one it is.

When any civil authority commands you to allow mass murder you’re supposed to say ‘no.’ In violating God’s law and the clear meaning of the U.S. Constitution, Roe is null by its nature. No legal opinion that murder should be legal can ever be legitimate (see for more info).

If everyone who told us that they want to support SB13 but can’t because of Greg Treat got behind SB13, there’s nothing Greg Treat would be able to do. There is no king of the Senate.

Stop compromising. Oppose SB1728. Stand up to Roe. Stand up to Treat. Support SB13 being brought to the floor.